Golf Course tree maintenance is perhaps our best area of expertise. Trees are a major asset to any Country Club grounds. While adding beauty and pleasure, trees enhance the layout of the golf course, provide shade for golfers, provide homes for wildlife and reduce liability by creating a barrier to stop errant shots.

The following check list may be helpful to determine the golf course tree care needs:

  • Trees shading fairways, tees and greens.
  • Tree limbs interfering with tee shots.
  • Tree limbs overhanging fairways interfering with play.
  • Improve air flow around greens.
  • Irrigation pattern interrupted.
  • Eliminate dead or dying trees.
  • Hazardous trees which could fail during a storm.
  • Large dead limbs over cart paths or other use areas.
  • Stump removal.
  • Eliminate trees with messy fruit or excessive leaf drop.
  • Examine large mature focal point trees for maintenance.
  • Prune limbs obstructing lights.
  • Prune trees around clubhouse or other high visibility areas.

#1 in Golf Course Tree Care - some of our clients include:

  • St. Louis Country Club
  • Old Warson Country Club
  • Bellerive Country Club
  • Norwood Hills Country Club
  • Sunset Country Club
  • Westwood Country Club